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Adam: My dog can't get enough of the Mixed Berry Treats. We're always running and can't get them fast enough!

Annette: The biscuits are perfect to give my dog as a reward. Good to know they're made with natural ingredients so I know I'm giving my dog food that's good for her.

Todd: My dog absolutely LOVES the chicken bones. Thanks for making these treats!!

Michaelene Geesaman : I bought my first health bones in 2008. My dogs love them and I love them. My babies are Dobermans and they can go thru a chew bone. They chew on these a long time. They really last. They really work the teeth. The one thing I love is they're made from natural and good ingredients that my dogs love. I really have not found another bone to compare to this. Thank you so much for coming back out with it.

Becky Tate : I was thrilled to find Health Bones in my local grocery store. I am very conscientious about what I feed my dogs and one of them I rarely give treats because of his sensitive system. They both LOVE these and at the same time I know they are eating something that is good for them!
Thanks so much for these! :)

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