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Dogs will start to lick their paws for the simple reason that their paws are irritated. Instinctively dogs will react to this irritation by licking their paws to an effort to rid themselves of the problem. If left untreated the areas can become red, swollen, inflamed, bald and infected to the point of starting lick granuloma which is a skin wound that develops as a result of excessive and chronic licking. It usually occurs in the paws and the front part of the lower legs.

Lick granuloma can happen to any dog; however it commonly occurs in middle-aged, large breed dogs, such as Labrador Retrievers, Great Danes or German Shepherds. Microorganisms thrive in the small gaps of the paws. That is why the development of bacterial, yeast and fungal infections are common.

All skin has bacteria, but if your dog’s immune system is already off balance, he can develop hypersensitivity to normal skin bacteria. This causes itching. Itching causes scratching, licking and chewing. This often spreads the infection and things go downhill from there. For the health of your dog action should be taken to help clean your dog of these irritants.

Omega Paw has developed a product that will clean your dog’s paw from the irritants that cause obsessive paw licking. Paw+ Solutions™ is unlike anything on the market today. It was developed with pet’s health in mind because we care for your pet’s well-being.

Paw+ is specially formulated to target your dog's itchy, irritated paws. The deep cleansing abilities of Paw+ will help stop the constant licking and biting, bringing soothing relief to your dog's discomfort. Paw+ is fortified with vitamin E and a moisturizer to further protect the health of your dog's paws.

DIRECTIONS: Paw+ is a concentrated formula and MUST BE DILUTED WITH WATER. In a container big enough to fit one of your dog's paws, mix ½ cup of Paw+ with 1 ½ cups of warm water. Soak each paw in the container for 10-15 seconds then lightly pat dry. Repeat daily for 3 days.
For best results do not wash your dog with soap or shampoo 3 days before or after application. It is safe for your dog to lick its paws after the application. For ongoing maintenance continue to apply once a week or as needed to help keep your dog's paws healthy.

STORAGE: Store at room temperature.
Paw+ is FOR EXTERNAL ANIMAL USE ONLY and is safe for both puppies and adult dogs.